The FAI (Federation Aeronautique Internationale - World Air Sports Federation) is the governing body for this Westbound Record Attempt. They set the rules for breaking the air sports records and are responsible for verification.

   Bill's record attempt is in

Class C1d:  C = Landplanes, as opposed to seaplanes, gliders, amphibians, etc.

                     1 = Internal combustion engine, as opposed to turbojet, rocket or electric.

                     d = weight class. 1,750 - 3000 kg. or 3,858 - 6614 lbs.

    He will need an average speed of 108.4 knots to beat the previous record by 1%. Max Conrad's record has stood for 58 years!

   The FAI sporting code can be found here:

Speed Around the World, Over Both the Earth's Poles: 70.29 kmh in Class C-1,d

Bill established a new record for Pole to Pole on January 21, 2015. His 2-part article about the adventure can be found at

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Distance record for internal combustion engine 13,059.67 km in class c-1,d

On March 2, 2013, Bill's flight from Guam (PGUM) to Jacksonville, Florida, (KJAX) set the new total distance record for his category of aircraft: 13,059.67 km (7051.65 nm).

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