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Leg 1: Ontario, CA (KONT) to Honolulu, HI (PHNL) est 13 hrs

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To set the record

Bill needs to land in Ontario,CA, before

Dec 17th, 01:33:39 Zulu (17:33:39 PST on Dec 16th)

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Leg 1: KPIE St. Petersburg, FL to Honolulu, HI - est 22 hours



Leg 1: KPIE St. Petersburg, FL to Austin, TX
Leg 2: Austin, Tx to Honolulu, HI - est 17 hours -

Bill diverted to KAUS (Austin) at 1029 Eastern, 0325Z for mechanical issues.

Fortunately, it was a quick fix and he will continue on to Honolulu this evening.

Almost to waypoint FLITY, Bill had to turn back at 128W for the same issue. He is holding altitude and has about 230 kts groundspeed as he heads to KSBP, San Luis Obispo,CA, We expect about 2 hrs flight time to KSBP, ETA 1845Z, 11245 EST.

December 2019:

Westbound around the world

Class C1-d, Group I

Leg 1: KPIE St. Petersburg, FL to Austin, TX - 5 hrs 24 minutes.
Bill diverted to Austin, Tx
Leg 2: Austin, Tx to San Luis Obispo, CA- 12 hrs 50 minutes

Bill diverted and is safely on the ground in KSBP, San Luis Obispo, CA,