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Winds and Turbulence across the Southwest

San Juan (TJSJ) to Ontario, CA (KONT) is normally 15 hours, but this will be a brutal leg at 17 to 18 hours. Bill has been flying for 12 hours, with 5 to 6 hours remaining.

He's over West Texas and the winds and chances for turbulence have picked up. As he flies into the worst of the headwinds, his ground speed has been as slow as 151 kts. The PIREPS (Pilot Reports) have only reported Light turbulence or No turbulence in this area. The winds will remain strong most of the way to KONT with the rides smoothing out over Arizona.

The cloud cover is mostly to the north of his track. If the moon isn't too bright, he'll be able to see the Geminid meteor shower.

Go Bill!

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