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Westbound Around the World

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

During Oshkosh 2019, Bill began to express his desire to challenge Max Conrad’s “Unbeatable Record” set more than 58 years ago. AOPA just published his intentions online. The news clip can be viewed here: https://www.aopa.org/…/all…/2019/july/29/harrelson-vs-conrad.

You can trust that months of planning and research have preceded this announcement. N6ZQ, Bill’s Lancair IV is basically unchanged since the previous record flights and is ready to go. There will be a few new stickers on the cowl as interested general aviation have expressed interest in supporting this next attempt. The attempt is planned to commence in early December 2019. This site will provide updates leading up to and during Bill’s attempt to set a new Class C1d Speed Around the World Westbound. We look forward to this challenge and hope that the aviation community finds inspiration to enjoy general aviation and to look at past achievements as benchmarks to surpass.

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