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Westbound around the World - complete!

Bill's early evening arrival surprised us all. Although he encountered mountain wave and turbulence from West Texas to Arizona, he was able to make up a lot of time by staying at the lower altitudes.

His immediate plans are to REST! Once he has recovered and the weather improves in Virginia, he'll fly home. Just another 2000 miles or so.....

Bill will be taking care of the administration requirements to make the official FAI record claim. He coordinates this with Brian Utley, the Official Observer from the National Aeronautic Association (NAA), the US branch of Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI).

Posts and updates will become much less frequent and it may be months before we have the Official Record notification. Bill has given presentations of his achievements at Sun'n'Fun, AirVenturev(Oshgosh), local EAA chapters and the Sunday morning breakfast flyouts.

Thanks for the tremendous support from Bill's sponsors.

A special thanks to Trey of San Luis Engineering Services, Raw Aviation in Cape Town, Dedre, 'NI' from PHNL and KONT tower who made the extra effort to keep this attempt going.

ZQGC will fade back into their former lives as beekeepers, beach bums, engineers, glider pilots, airline pilots and general aviation enthusiasts.

We've enjoyed sharing this adventure with you.

Go Bill!

ZQGC out.


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