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South of Guam

Bill has just passed south of Guam, where the United States starts it’s day. It’s approaching midnight there and soon will be December 11th . He’s at 15,000’ with a ground speed of 185 kts. We spoke with him briefly and he seems in good spirits, with his usual humor.

When undertaking extraordinary flights, ordinary things like filing a flight plan become a challenge. We want to thank ‘NI’ at Flight Service in HNL, HNL air traffic control (ATC) and Tim at @teamForeflight for working through these filing issues. Their efforts minimized the delay for Bill’s departure. If you are following on @flightaware, note the incorrect projected landing time. This was due to a US ATC filing system’s 24 hour flight time constraint

In 2013, his record setting flight from Guam took 38 hours 39 minutes. Bill still has a more than 11 hours to Jakarta, and his ability to endure is amazing.

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