• 6zqpilot GC

Communicating with 6ZQ

Bill's been airborne for almost 21 hours and has 9 more hours to go. So far, the weather has been good, with just one typical storm brewing in the ITCZ (intertropical convergence zone) near 5 degrees North. This storm hasn't moved much and Bill may need to deviate around it. ZQCG is able to pass along Satellite weather information not available onboard.

Over theses long flights, Bill communicates with ZQGC by Satelllite (SatCom). We send and receive over 100 messages on a typical 30 hr flight ;-)


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Bill's early evening arrival surprised us all. Although he encountered mountain wave and turbulence from West Texas to Arizona, he was able to make up a lot of time by staying at the lower altitudes.

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