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We hope you enjoy following the progress of this monumental task.

From Bill, "This attempt has been a rewarding experience on a personal level. If you are inspired, please consider donating to http://alsworldflight.als.net/. This is a great cause led by our friend CarolAnn Garratt."

CarolAnn has flown around the world three times to support ALS research and is a key part of ZQGC.

From CarolAnn :"ALS is an incurable disease also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. 100% of your donation will go to research at ALS Therapy Development Institute. Thank you."


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Westbound around the World - complete!

Bill's early evening arrival surprised us all. Although he encountered mountain wave and turbulence from West Texas to Arizona, he was able to make up a lot of time by staying at the lower altitudes.

Bill is early! new ETA to Ontario 2130 PST

Bill is smoking it! He has stayed at 10,000' for most of this flight to fly as fast as possible into the wind. He'll have to climb to go over the pass into Ontario. At this rate, he may be on the grou