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6ZQ undergoing repairs

Bill had a good night's rest and he is evaluating his options.

His first step is addressing the maintenance issues with 6ZQ. One of the cylinders misfired after about 5 hours of flight time. In Austin, he noted a loose lead wire to that cylinder, adjusted it and launched for HNL (Honolulu). The engine ran normally for several hours, but, when the problem reappeared, he diverted to SBP (San Luis Obispo).

There are several theories about the issue and the fix. We think that it is a connection problem between the ignition and the cylinder. This can be anything from the lead wires, the sparkplug, its gap, how the ceramic leads were attached, etc. Our sponsors have been have been very responsive and helpful with troubleshooting. We won't have a complete answer until Bill makes the repairs.

If 6ZQ is repaired in a timely manner, we can:

- commence a new attempt starting from Southern California. This ~24 hour window is available because the overflight permits have not yet expired, or

-reschedule another attempt in the coming months, or

-let Max Conrad's unbreakable record stand as a challenge for someone else.

Standby for further updates.


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