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FAI World record attempt: Speed Around the World Westbound Class C-1,d

Unofficially, ​Bill set the record:

Bill took off from Ontario, CA at 15:03Z on Dec 8th (07:03 PST Dec 8th)

Bill landed in Ontario,CA, 05:21Z, Dec 16th (21:21 PST on Dec 15th)

The unofficial countdown timer was stopped with 19hrs 28 mins to spare.

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After the Official Observer has certified the time, we will post it here.


Bills route in 6ZQ:

Leg 1: KONT-PHNL Ontario, CA to Honolulu, HI - 13 hrs 7 min

Leg 2: PHNL-WIHH Honolulu, HI to Jakarta, INA -  32 hrs 10 min

Leg 3: WIHH-FACT Jakarta, INA to Cape Town, ZA - 28 hrs 41 min

Leg 4: FACT-TJSJ Cape Town, ZA to San Juan, PR - 31 hrs 42 min

Leg 5: TJSJ-KONT San Juan, PR to Ontario, CA - 16 hrs 10 min

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Captain Bobby Vaughan

Eastern Air Lines, retired

Westbound around the World - complete!

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Bill has done it! We look forward to seeing the final numbers once they are all calculated. We will analyze many aspects of this attempt...

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